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The Mineralogy of Franklin and Ogdensburg, New Jersey


This three-volume set of books totals 1,400 pages and includes thousands of full- color photographs of minerals from the iconic zinc mines at Franklin and Ogdensburg (Sterling Hill) in New Jersey. More than 400 mineral species are represented, as are 30 unknowns and all 125 of the local species known to fluoresce. The collections of 21 individuals and institutions are featured in separate chapters, followed by the lengthiest chapter—more than 400 pages—showing high-quality photographs of the local minerals in A-Z format. A separate chapter devoted to the fluorescent minerals of the Franklin-Ogdensburg district appears early in the book. A must-have for anyone interested in the minerals from this world-famous locality, or for anyone interested in fluorescent minerals in general.

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Editors: Vandall T. King, Nathaniel E. King, Philip P. Betancourt, Richard C. Bostwick, Peter
Chin, Tema J. Hecht, Steven M. Kuitems, Harold Moritz, Janet D. Nemetz, Anthony J. Nikischer,
Stephen Sanford, James A. Van Fleet, and Earl R. Verbeek


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